Happy Sunday!!!

June 21, 2020 — It’s a special day where I have celebrated 2 occasions. One is family and one is personal. Let’s start with the first one! 🙂

HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY!!! Special day for the dads and be appreciative to of their hardwork. I honestly not a dad’s girl. I think I used to be before but then I realize I’m not really~ I realize when I was old enough that I don’t really jive with my Dad and for years he had misunderstood me. I love him as much as he says but I guess it’s just up to this and we aren’t that much affectionate to each other. We’re cool now. Before we always had fights because he tends to make everything a big deal and sometimes it gets too much and it gets on your nerves and you think this needs to stop. I’m thankful for everything. Like the hardships he gave, support all we needed and I’m not leaving him until he’s the one who’ll choose to leave or had to leave. I’ll be there to support whatever he needs.

Happy Father’s Day to my dad! I hope you like our simple preparation 🙂

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Life Lately…


Hello. What else can I say but yes, hello to you again my dear blog, it’s been a while 🙂 Finally had the motivation to update you. Been wanting to do so but I just can’t get in the mood yet but here we are finally. I guess I’ll start with a few life updates about me.

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About Kimi-Hana.net

Hello! It’s been a while~ I haven’t been blogging since last September? I stopped right after my trip to Indonesia and after that I have several events and topics to blog about but unfortunately I was lazy enough to do so. It’s has always been like this and I hate myself for that.

So as you can notice, Kimi-Hana.net is no longer active. It expired last January 26, 2019 and I decided not to renew because I felt like it’s no use for me to keep it up. I cannot maintain to keep my brand and it felt an extra expense for me if I’m not gonna use it thoroughly. So yeah, for now we say goodbye to kimi-hana.net and thank you to Candyrain.org for hosting me and Jamie for the recommendation 🙂

I still wanna blog and I think it’s convenient for someone like me to just have a free blog like wordpress or tumblr and keep everything else simple since I don’t blog for business or anything and it’s okay if I don’t get readers and make everything as interactive as like before. I think I’m fine just me keeping myself a blog. This will do for a while.

Updates from me? Well, I’m still lazy XD I’m thinking of having a 2018 summary since I missed blogging some stuff from before. I also want to keep a blog for my nendoroid babies so might do it here as well 🙂

That’s all for now. Here’s my new link. I make it sunnycrow coz I still dedicate everything to Haikyuu specially to Hinata Shouyo XD I’m still open to link exchange if you want XD Just expect me to not update regulary XD HAHAHA! Thanks for reading 🙂


AFAID 2018

So here’s part two of our Indonesia Trip. Our main purpose going to Indonesia is this event, AFAID 2018 (Anime Festival Asia in Indonesia 2018). If you’re not familiar with AFA, it’s an anime convention that is held in Southeast Asian region. It’s probably the largest Asian Anime Convention held every year and it being held in different countries and one of them is Indonesia. The next AFA is in Singapore this Nov 30- Dec 2 (We wanted to come here as well but we’re so broke right now XD). It’s gonna be their 10th Anniversary 🙂 3 of us only attended Day 2 and Day 3. On our day 2 we cosplayed and on Day 3 we came in normal mode 😀

This is my very first international anime convention and it has been my goal to attend out of the country anime convention and to be able to cosplay and I thank God it happened last last week! Thank youuu! HAHAHAHA!

If you haven’t read part one which is our Jakarta Trip, click the link here: https://kimi-hana.net/2018/09/18/when-in-indonesia/

Oh, so before anything else, we got a chance to enjoy the amenities of the condo. The free pool! HAHAHAHA! We got up early for this XD


It would really have been great if we still have an extra day to spend here in our Condo. Everything is so cozy and staycation like~ Next time we will keep that in mind XD HAHAHAHA!

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When in Indonesia

Halo! Apa kabar? Heehee~ Hello Blogmates! It’s been 2 weeks since I got back from my Indonesia trip and here I am to blog everything I did in my 5 days stay. Please bear with me coz I’ll be making 2 separate posts (This Jakarta trip and AFAID) and it’s gonna be picture heavy XD Though I will try my best to squeeze everything and hope it won’t get you bored when reading 😀 Okay? 😀

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My S7 Died Story

Photo image when he was still new way back 2016 😀 Wow! It’s been 2 years! XD

I’m talking about my current phone Samsung S7 flat and as the title says, yes, it died 2 weeks ago and I was in a desperate situation of breaking down emotionally and mentally XD

Well, have you ever had that something in your life that you always use or always with you every single day and then suddenly it’s gone or became useless? And then you suddenly felt really depress, desperate and almost break down because you can’t afford to replace or fixed it asap?

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New Home!

I just wanna share to you that it’s been 3 months since I decided to board home somewhere near at my work because Philippines is shit when it comes to travelling because Traffic and defective public transport is still a huge problem in our country.

Honestly, I didn’t really want board a house since I’m pretty much sure I can handle everything going back and forth. I was able to manage for a year but eventually I totally exhaust myself and finally decided to get a home somewhere very near at work where there is no transportation at all. Yup, one thing I will considering boarding is that, if I board, it’s definitely near like I won’t be having one ride just to go to work. Because first and foremost, I board not just to save time but also to save money 🙂

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Explore Taal Volcano

Last Sunday, I tried to go back to hiking 🙂 Well, just a minor hike because I had my sprain before and it seems a little painful or probably just psychological and I had my arthritis back then which all of my joints are everyday in pain which is why I stopped hiking for a while but now I’m currently feeling better so I tried to hike again.

My friends decided to hike Taal Volcano in Talisay, Batangas. As we all know, this is the smallest active volcano and is really easy to hike. It’ll just take you 2hrs back and forth which pretty good to refresh myself 🙂

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